How to succeed in interviews?

Fresher Interview Tips  or How to get success at Job Interviews?

I am fresher, I am trying a lot in all companies, but still I am not get selected? Why? This is the question for 95% of our graduates, professionals after coming back from Job fair or off campus or personal interview in any corporate company.

I am also one among you before finding a job and later only i realized and made several discussions and read several articles to find the reason for this.  Later I found the reason up to my knowledge and now it’s before you.

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Expectation from the Company/Organization/Employer?
Interview is an art for both the interviewer and the candidate.  Here, interviewer tries to find out a best candidate for his company/organization whereas the candidate wants to fit himself to the company. In the previous line, note down the word "fit".  I.e. there will be certain expectations from the interviewer for that particular job opening in their company and he/she searches/expects the same from the candidate also.
So, the candidate should prepare in prior, according to the role in which he applies.

Why I am not get selected? Does a fresher interview is that much tough?

This question is very usual for every graduate, who is trying a job after graduation.  I.e. I prepared well, I studied all my basics, I smiled in the interview, I hand shaked well in the interview, the interviewer also talked with me good, but Why I didn’t get selected?????????

Yes, here is the answer for this.
Before this, let we go for an real world example,

If you are going to buy a bolt for your lovable bike for the size of 8.5.  But, in shop the size available is only 9.  But it fits some what and not satisfactorily.  At that situation, will you buy that bolt for your lovable bike???
The most probable answer is "No".  Since, the bike is important for you because of your comfort and safety.  Like that production of that company which you are applying is important to the hr/interviewer for their profit and the safety of the existing employee.

Look at the below diagram keenly then read the description given below,

In the above diagram, see the first figure from left, here the company1 is "Round shaped" while the candidate1 shows himself as the square shape(preparation).  So it is difficult for the company (interviewer) to take that candidate and mould Himself as a circle (fitting for the role in the company).  So the result for the candidate is negative.

Like wise, see the next figure here the company2 is also "Round shaped" while the candidate2 shows himself as the rectangle shape.  So it is difficult for the company (interviewer) to take that candidate and mould  himself as a circle (fitting for the role in the company).  So here also the result is negative.

But, in the third figure the company3 is also "Round shaped" while the candidate3 shows himself as the oval shape.  He is trying his best to show himself as a circle, but up to his maximum he is oval shaped. So, the interviewer finds the candidate and analyze that he can be trained and molded to the expectation of his company (circle shaped). so he selects that candidate.

In the fourth figure, the company4 is also "Round shaped" while the candidate4 shows himself as the round shaped.  So he perfectly matches the expectation/requirement of the company.  At last, he got selected...

Like this, know the expectation of the company to fit yourself as the best.

So, now your question is What should i do to get selected and to fit for the role in company/organization?

Let me explain this in step by step,

i) Know your strength and weakness.
ii) Find the nature of the job/role which you are applying.
iii) Find the nature of the company which you are applying.
iv) Find the number of rounds in the company.
v) Preparation, dress coding and behavior during the interview (body language)

Know your strength and weakness:-

This section plays a important role in the interview and also in the personality development of life.  Since, if we analyze this section clearly then success is ours in life and also in interview.  Ok, while focusing our vision for the sake of Interview the strength and weakness depends on three major parts. i.e.
a) Technical Knowledge --> Technical round.
b) Business Knowledge -->Management round.
c) Communication skills --> Group discussion.

a)Technical Knowledge:-  This topic points towards the subject knowledge/theory which we have studied in our Curriculum / degree or college.  This is the time for us to combine all our engineering/degree technical knowledge and implement it practically to our future organization/company.  The organization/company also expect the same from you(Implementation of your knowledge for the company).  Even, in cases they won’t even expect the candidate to be an all rounder.  They want we should be thorough in our basics so that, we can able to adapt to the further technologies inside the company in future.
So, if you are thorough in your basics means no problem, then you have no weakness in you (by technical), else thorough it.
NOTE: - If we are thorough in technical, it gives confident by mind to face the interview successfully.  Also Indian Software Companies expect the candidates to be good in technical.  Since, it is not  easy for them to train the candidates from technical basics.  But, they can able to train their communication skills by PDP's. Personality Development Programme.  So that, they expect candidates of basic communication skills, but with sound technical knowledge.

b)Business Knowledge: - This is nothing but analytical thinking.  The companies want the candidates with good Analytical knowledge.  So only they are conducting analytical/aptitude tests before the technical interview.  Also, Practicing aptitude and analytical problems increases your thinking ability and makes your mind sharp.

NOTE: -  The organization/company does not want a candidate to do a given work, rather they expect the candidate to think in multiple verticals for the given task to give the optimum solution.  So that the productivity of the company can be increased in minimal time.  So, if you are lagging in analytical skills, improve it.
Decision making ability can also be improved through this.

c)Communication skills:-  This forms the core for the above two points.  i.e.  At least we should be able to tell to the interviewer about what we are thinking.  The Indian students lack in this part more.  Since, in our education Systems, we are trained in technical well but lacks in communication skills. So, improve the   communication skills.

NOTE:- Communication skills are good for the people coming from English medium students or students from city back ground.( whether rich set of media and chances are available). The communication skill is a great problem mostly for the students who are from rural back ground with lack of exposure to media and all.
 So, just now down your strength and weakness in these three areas and analyze your position in the race for the interview.

ii) Find the nature of the job which you are applying:-

This is the most important mistake done by candidates.  i.e. Not knowing about the position/role in which they are going to attend the interview.  Since, If you are an computer science engineer going to attend the interview for business analyst position, then you have to prepare in analysis/business logic tools and business analytics tools.  Instead, if you prepare well in java/.net or any other programming language, it wont pay you at the time.  Like this, find the nature of the job and company then start your preparation relevantly.

iii) Find the nature of the company which you are applying:-

Know about the history and current trends (market value, profit, turn over, major clients) of the company which you are going to attend.  Since, this makes you different from the group.  All will prepare well in technical and all, but very few will prepare these little stuffs and mark their name at front in the interview process.

iv) Find the number of rounds in the company:-

If you know the number of rounds in the company before attending the interview, then you will get a plan by your mind.  Since, you may train your mind for technical interview only, suddenly the company may conduct any analytical test by which you may get any jerks which results in the lower performance.  So be prepared for this.  To get idea about this, search the web and read the interview experience of successful candidates and get idea.

v) Preparation, dress coding and behaviors during the interview (body language):-

If you are going to a CMMI level 5 companies or any other bigger organization which is conducting recruitment drive for the post of management trainee or any other good role, they will surely watch these non verbal signals. I.e. body language.
So, just have a basic knowledge this area to get your success.

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These are the things which make you different from others in the group during the interview and this is the Success mantra of every successful giant in big organization friends.  So try your level best.

I would like to share my favorite quote to you "To be best, Do your best".  Then, success is yours. All the best friends!!!


  1. Absolutely right.if we want to swim in a swimming pool but there is no water.swimmer or pool has no value.think about that thing which actuly they want and prepare yourself.outcome will be positive.thanks friend you are doing good job keep it up.

  2. i am also going for 32nd ncc entry and preparing my self for the ssb.its my first attempt and fm a long time i was waiting for it.a lot of things i learned fm your this site it is really very knowledgeable.if u want to suggest me something u can.i will like it


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